Danica Studio - Ziggy - Ceramic Imprint Mug

Danica Studio – Ziggy Ceramic Imprint Mug

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Is your favourite mug showing its age after countless cups of tea? It might be time to give it a break from your breaks and choose a new one.

This black and white ceramic imprint mug from Danica Studio is up for the job. It holds a generous 350ml, room enough for a serious hot chocolate so you don't have to stint yourself. 

The wide base makes it more stable than a standard mug, so it won't topple over at the mere sight of an elbow.

It's nice to hold as well, with a ribbed texture and satin matte glaze. A special wax-resist technique was used to create the geometric Ziggy pattern.

You'll be pleased to know this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, but you'll probably want to use it again before it's time to run the cycle.

So grab a book, or cue up Netflix, and find the coziest corner in your home. It's break time.