Green Science - Clean Water

Green Science – Clean Water

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We all depend on fresh water, but there’s not always enough to go around. If you’d like to explore the topical science of cleaning and reusing dirty water, this kit is an excellent way to do it. 

Take the plunge with a curious kid and turn your home into a lab. The 4M kit provides everything you need to construct a filtration and desalination plant, as well as use solar power to disinfect water! 

Kit contains: 4 x filter sections, 4 x filter plugs, 1 round filter base, 3 bags of active carbon, 3 bags of sand, 3 bags of gravel, 3 x filter paper, 1 funnel-shaped collector, 1 small plastic cup, soft wax, 1 fishing line, 1 transparent tube, 2 x transparent caps, 1 silver reflector card, 1 black stripe cup, 2 x metal washers and instructions

Ages 8+ (adult supervision needed)