5mya sabretooth (Hoplophoneus Primaevus) fossil
5 Million Year Old Fossil
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5 Million Year Old Fossil

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Do you know someone who is impossible to buy for because they have everything? Like, actually, everything? Well, here's the perfect present, because they won’t have a (estimated) 5 million year  old false sabretooth fossil.

Though it looks like a sabretooth, this fossil is actually a hoplophoneus or "false sabretooth" (Hoplophoneus Primaevus of the Nimravidae family).

This specimen was found in Custer Country, South Dakota, USA. A majority of the genuine fossil skull remains intact, but reconstruction work has been done.

Full records of work completed on piece are available.

On sale, was $19,000, now a bargain at only $9,000. And, really, what is $9,000 when you will be the only person anyone knows with a (estimated) 5 million year old false sabretooth tiger fossil. 

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